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Tongji Herbal Australia Pty Ltd

304/3rd Floor, Dixon House,
413 - 415 Sussex St.,
Sydney NSW 2000

Open 10:30am - 6pm
Closed Sunday and Tuesday

Tel: 02 9281 7378
Fax: 02 9281 9553

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Sale brokers wanted

Retail  price $85/box.

Wholesale price for the brokers:  order 10 boxes 25% off,  more than 20 boxes, 30% off. Please contact us.

You can select one of the options below:

Option 1

Sales broker buys the herb from Tongji clinic, and sells to buyers,  postage will be paid  by the buyers as shows in figure 1.

Sale conditions for the broker:  minimum  10 boxes per

Figure 1

Option 2

Sales broker pays the fee including postage to Tongji Paypal. 

Tongji will ship the herb as shown in figure 2.

The broker should provide buyer's contact details including full name,  email,  phone,  and    shipping address.

Sale conditions for the broker:  minimum  30 boxes

Figure 2

 The steps to become a broker

1? Sign up as a member,  and phone Tongji Herbal clinic. Phone number: 61?2? 9281 7378

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